Avoid "Money Traps" & Grow Your Profits with Google Shopping!
Many new Shopify Store Owners waste countless hours and thousands of ad dollars "trying to figure out" Google Shopping with little or no results.  Often times, the issues that are holding them back are simple and avoidable...we call these "Money Traps"!

Google "Money Traps" to avoid...
  •   Only using one Google Shopping Campaign
  •   Only using Smart Google Shopping Campaigns
  •   Not optimizing product titles for Google and Customers.
  •  Not using Google Ads conversion tracking
  •  Not optimizing keywords for click thru rate
  • Not adjusting bids for Mobile versus Computer
  •  Not using RLSA bid adjustments to get past visitors back
  •  ...unfortunately, there are many more.
Our Google Shopping Keyword Targeted Campaign Setup and Coaching program can help you avoid these "Money Traps"!

Expert Setup + Personalized Coaching for New Shopify Store Owners
If you are new to google shopping and eCommerce, but don’t know where to start, this is the right plan for you.  

This is not another DIY video course or app that is going to leave you more confused and not sure how to grow.   We offer personalized setup and coaching with screen shares to help you succeed and avoid countless hours of wasted time and ad spend.

That's right...we do all the setup and campaign building, which saves you time and gives you the comfort to knowing that everything is setup following industry best practices.   More importantly, we implement our unique Google Shopping Keyword Targeting process to make sure your campaigns are focused on the most successful terms, while minimizing your ad spend on low quality terms. 

And to really help you get on the right track, we do personalized strategy and coaching screen share calls every two weeks!  On these screen share calls, we’ll not only discuss strategy, review performance and optimize your campaigns, we’ll also discuss landing page improvements, Shopify questions, new ideas, new products, etc, etc.

Click Get Started to sign up.  Once you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email from me that walks you through everything we need to get started. Then your dedicated coach will contact you to complete the kick off the setup and to schedule the initial call.  

We look forward to growing your sales and profits!
Google shopping SETUP + COACHING
Per Month Plus 2% of Revenue From Campaigns We Manage.
Billed Monthly, $249 One-Time Account Restructure / Setup Fee With 4-Month Agreement.
  • Google Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Data Feed Setup
  • Google Merchant Center Setup
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Keyword Targeted Campaign Setup
  • Bi-Monthly Account Optimization 
  • Bi-Monthly Screen Share Calls
  • Dedicated Personal Account Manager
  • Maximum Ad Spend of $1,000 per month
Have Questions? 
Schedule A Free 20-Minute Google Shopping Strategy Session
If you still have questions as to whether we are a good fit...I'd like to offer you a free 20-minute Google Shopping Account Strategy Session and Audit.  I'll take a look at your website, products and ad account and then we will discuss specifically what we can do to grow your sales and profits. 

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